it’s God’s people
who go and plant churches
and speak the Gospel


Pavel and Irina

My wife, Irina, and I accepted Jesus Christ in 1992, and immediately this year we went to study at the “Christ for the Nations” Bible School. After graduating from college, in 1994, God called me to the pastoral ministry. At that time I was 25 years old, and I took on the pastoral responsibility for the church in Minsk “Life with abundance”. At the same time, he began to teach at the CDN Bible College.

The church where I was appointed to pastor was opened by our missionary pastors Roger and Myrna Eilers. Thanks to this wonderful family, our church in Minsk had a missionary vision. Accordingly, leaders and ministers were constantly involved in projects aimed at reaching people through the gospel.

After some time, God led us to serve in Europe. It all started with the fact that my wife Irina served in the “King’s Kids” youth camps and was also the leader of the missionary teams in the summer. They often traveled to countries in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

At some point, we began to pray for Europe. We began to feel that Europe is not just a good place to live, but a huge mission field! In prayer, we began to experience the heart of God in relation to Europe and the peoples living there. And after our pastors moved to Gdynia and opened the CDN Bible College, our prayer began especially for Poland. And already in 2007, the Lord prompted me to fast for 21 days in order to seek His face. At that moment, I did not have any specific goal, I just longed to know God and His will for my life.

During this fast, I saw a vision: people are fleeing from the East to Poland. And the Holy Spirit said that the time will come when Poland will open the doors for the Belarusians. There will be refugees during this time, so God needs ministers to take care of His children. For me it was the answer to start churches in Europe (Poland is the key to Europe). But even after this revelation, I did not have a clear decision about moving, because. our pastors have taught us to test (test) every revelation, and the Scripture teaches us the same.

After this vision, our doors to Poland were miraculously opened, we often traveled to Poland, made friends with the European mission teams, plus it marked the beginning of our cooperation with the American missionary team who served in Hungary, Romania and Poland. It so happened that just at this moment of our study of Europe, we got acquainted with the church in Rachibuz, where our friends from Belarus began to live.

This went on for a couple of years, until in 2014 it was clearly understood that it was time for us to move. We were prompted to move as soon as possible by the war that began in Ukraine, I saw that the Word of God was coming true. People who lived in Ukraine fled from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And in a very short period of time, Poland was filled with refugees. Our family and ministers went to Poland to help these people: they brought clothes, food, communicated with them and were there.

We prayed with our 4 children about moving to Poland, asked the leaders of our Minsk church to support us in praying with us so that everyone would have confirmation from the Holy Spirit about this fateful decision. And everyone who prayed received confirmation from God about it. After all, when there is responsibility, you cannot just pick up and leave, leaving all your affairs. We did not want to do this, so a year before we moved to Poland, we prepared deacons in our church, who could take responsibility for the church after us. And only after that we were able to move, knowing that our church would function properly without us.

History of Nations Churches

Nations Wrocław

  • In 2015, our family completely moved to Poland.

At that time, we still did not know exactly where to open the church, but we already had two cities in mind: Warsaw and Wroclaw. Irina and I decided to go to these two cities and pray. As our history shows, we received an answer from God regarding Wroclaw.

We did not want to move immediately to a big city because we were worried about the adaptation of our children (Genesis 3:13). Therefore, we chose to go to our friends in Rachiborz and live there until the children get used to it. During the year of our stay in Rachiborz, we served in the local church as youth ministry leaders and at the same time led a home group of Russian speakers. Also in this first year of our move, once a month, for a year, I went to our Minsk church to help and support the leadership team.

And after a couple of months, my friend, pastor Valery (Minsk) calls and says that recently a guy repented in their church, who moved to Wroclaw to study at the university. He invited us to go to him and support. And I got in touch with this guy. Andrey and I agreed to visit him in Wroclaw once a month. For three months in a row we went to see him, and at our last meeting he said that he met Russian-speaking guys who are going home and they also want to get to know us.

Around 3-4 months, we started talking to the guys to change our home group at McDonald’s to church premises. Of course, everyone agreed with the change of location, and then we asked our pastor in Rachibórz: does he have a pastor in Wrocłew who could provide us with church premises for our meetings? Thank God, this place was found, where we were able to officially meet in the church building. And the pastor of this church was so disposed towards us that he did not take money from us for renting the premises.

  • On March 19, 2017, the first official church service took place in Wroclaw (Poland).

Logically, we could call this church the same as Minsk, but we heard the word from God “PEOPLES”, because The church originally had a missionary vocation. God wants to reach different cultures and languages ​​by spreading the gospel, the missionary course “KAIROS” helped me a lot to fully feel the vocation of the church.

Just imagine that a group of people gathering in a poppy has turned into a real functioning church. We wanted the people of our church to feel part of the church and be able to move fully in their calling. So we came to the stage when we began to form a complete branding of the church: the name, vision, mission and values ​​of the church. Being just a church is not enough, you need to become a team. This requires an understanding of who we are and what God wants from us.

Nations Jelenia Góra

Pastor Denis

(the current pastor at the Church of Nations Jelenia Gura), came with his family from Belarus and until 2021 their family was part of our church in Wroclaw. In Belarus, Denis was one of the directors of a rehabilitation center. At the time of moving to Poland, their family, like ours once, was going through a similar time associated with the search for God and answers to questions about further ministry.

The guys were part of our church team for a couple of years, but at some point they realized that they needed to move on. Denis and his wife Veronica prayed for the city where they would continue their ministry, but already as pastors. And on the heart of the two of them, God put Mr. Yelenya Gura.

When the guys announced their decision, I thought that it would probably be inappropriate to open a church in this city, because. Just recently, one family from our church moved to Opole, where a pastor is also needed! I even offered to go to some just big city, where there are a lot of young people, but it turned out quite differently …

But it turned out that a family who lived in Jelenia Góra came to the home group of Veronika and Denis, they also attended our Sunday meetings. And then one of the Sundays, after the service, Denis decided to talk to these guys. The guys said that they live in Jelenia Góra, and the future pastor of the church told them in response that our church was just thinking of opening a church in this city. The family was so happy about these words that they began to tell their friends about the opening of a church in their city. And after a couple of weeks, a whole “delegation” from Jelenia Góra arrived in Wroclaw. People asked to open a church in their city, because it is difficult for many people there to find themselves in Polish churches. We saw confirmation through this situation and our leaders moved to Elenya Guru to become pastors of the church.

At the moment, our church continues to pray for the opening of new churches in Europe, which will help spread the gospel in Europe.